GMC is a division of General Motors that spotlights on creating SUVs, trucks and vans. Despite the fact that GMC’s vehicles are mechanically like related Chevrolet items, they are normally separated by one of the unique elements, trim levels, and minor styling changes.


The history of this magnificent company lies in the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, a truck maker that was established by Max Grabowski in 1902. The outfit was bought by General Motors in 1909 with the expectation of having it serve as a division committed to building intense and competent trucks. The brand came to be known as GMC Truck. Later on, GMC Truck models turned out to be more consumer oriented, and a number of them were patched up to offer styling that resembles passenger vehicles. The 1950s and ’60s saw a rise in sales, because of the popularity of recreational vehicles such as GMC-based motor homes and pickup campers.


Following the arrival of high fuel costs in the 2000s and 2010s, GM’s enthusiasm for little auto programs for the U.S. market has been restored. This retooled plant will be equipped for building 160,000 autos every year, including both compact and smaller vehicles. A generation began in late 2011 with the Chevrolet Sonic.

Initiatives for Green Technology

General Motors has distributed principles regarding the benefits to the earth and keeps up a broad site to advise people in general. In 2008, General Motors focused on designing portion of its manufacturing plants to be free of the landfill. With a specific end goal to accomplish its landfill-free status, manufacturing waste is reused or reused in the manufacturing process