The dream of its founder Sakichi Toyoda started as Toyoda Automatic Loom Company. The purpose of the company was to provide military trucks and hence got the support of the Japanese government. He named it after his name, but due to the issues with spelling and pronunciation, he named it Toyota. Also, he presumed the name to be luckier than the former since it consists of 8 letters in the Japanese language.


In 1936 after their initial launch of Toyoda Vehicles, the government of Japan wanted the auto manufacturers to sell within the country and also they should also have a bulk of Japanese stockholders, along with all their representatives. This resulted in the stoppage all the imports.  Hence, from 1936 to 1943 the production of cars was 1,7,57 resulting in the total loss in the industry. Meanwhile, Toyoda continued to make trucks and busses.

Current Lineups

Toyota has been the pioneer in the vehicle industry due to its ground breaking techniques and for this purpose, it has been the dominant brand among automobiles for ages. The current lineup of vehicles includes Toyota Zelas, 4Runner, Agya, Allion, and Avalon along with the long list of other products that add to its arsenal.

Future Plans

Toyota believes that by 2050, the diesel and gasoline engine cars will be no more. Thus, it will be hybrid cars that are the next plan of venture for them. The long-term strategy for Toyota is to introduce environment-friendly Green cars.